Cloverlick "Fullertone" Banjo Artist Endorsement


Very excited to announce my artist endorsement with Cloverlick Banjos. Cloverlick Banjos are a high end banjo manufacture out of Fort Collins, CO. All Cloverlick Banjos are handmade one-of-a-kind pieces of art made in the USA.

Cloverlick Banjo Mission Statement:
It is our mission to run a business that is accountable to the environment, community, and greater ideals. Our family business is built on Purpose, Service, and Gratitude. We believe that in order to receive one must first give. When receiving the gift of success it is vital to continually give back to the community in order to sustain the balance in which business and community can thrive together. Through a variety of outreach efforts involving music, art, education, sustainability and local business we believe we can contribute to the wonderful city that Fort Collins already is while spreading its spirit to other communities.”

The “Fullertone” Banjo was a collaborative experiment between myself, and Mark “Rooster” Austin head luthier at Cloverlick. The idea was to build an experimental 5 String banjo tuned to GDGBE. The “Fullertone” forgoes standard acoustic banjo pickups, and instead has a Tiesco Gold Foil Pickup built into the brass cover plate.